Thursday, August 19, 2010

haihhh :(

                                                                    IM SORRY :( 

smthng an unexpected hppen to me tday , tnyte :( he accused me of smthng :( mybe it was my fault fr posting all those stuffs abot him bt he shuld undrstnd tht i was rely mad at him tht tyme . at tht tyme , i din thnk of anythng else excpt hate fr wat he've done :( i dun wanna wrte mny thngs abot him here cos i dun wan him to thnk tht i dun chnge :') i wan him to noe tht i've chnge to be a btter prson :') i've said sorry to him fr blaming him , fr hating him and fr hurting him bfre bt i do not knw either it works or not . cn i frgt him ? cn i get him out of my mind ? cn i frgve him fr wat he've done to me bfre ? hmm ? evrythng were in my mnd ! :(

answer :    

dear man , :) 
 yes i can ! i cn frgt you , i cn tke you out of my mnd . i cn frgve you fr wat you've done bfre . bcos i dun wnna hurt myself . the mre i thnk abot you , the mre i hate you , the mre i hurt myself :) i jst wan you to knw , strting frm now on , i dun wanna blame you in evrythng . i will try to accpet wat had hppened . i've cried the whole nyte and day . i cnt do anythng else excpt trying to thnk how to get you bck bfre bt now , i dun wan to regret evrythng i've done . i learn frm here a lot and i hope you learn it too :) i jst hope the best frm you and her :) amin !

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