Thursday, September 30, 2010

fall for you

dear ,
i tk bole tgk you tention , stress . i tknk you rase semak semak mcm you rse td . i'll do anythng to mke you happy . if i can meet you da lme i buat you happy :) today is our 1 month annvessary , why do you hve to be tntion tntion stress suma tu ? dont bie , i tknk :/ i want us to be happy . i thu dgn accounts prjct lgi you hve to think kn kn . haramjdah btol accounts prjct ni kn bie kn , eee , buat kte byk stress and tntion je fr ths month . bt bieee , fr what happen , i tknk you trlampau stress smpai you tkda mood kay :) lps ni msti akn lg stress sbb final exams cming soon , you dgn i msti stress abis ! eishh , i tknk i tknk . evnthough kte stress tp kte happy , kay kay :) muah muah <3 hee , lega skit i dpt sing you my fvrte song pstu i rse u were smiling kott , heee :))

the best thing about tonight's that we're not fighting ,
it couldn't be that we have been this way before ,
i know you don't think that i am trying ,
i know you're wearing thin down to the core .

but hold your breath .

because tonight will be the night that i will fall for you ,
over again ,
don't make me change my mind .

i won't live to see another day ,
i swear it's true ,
because a guy like you is impossible to find ,
you're impossible to find

i love you baby <3 RAZMAN RAZALI

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