Thursday, September 2, 2010

gagagagaga :D

last night , on the fone dgn dye fr 3 hours 1 mnte and 32 scnds :DDD itssss trueee . he mkes me laugh a lot especially ble dye buat suare DORAEMON ! HAHAHA , aireen pon dok tk thn gelak dgr his voice mcm tu , dr voice yg garang gylaaa , until la ke doraemon :) aireen was saying , dlu mse aku strt cple , evrytyme txting wth my ex , tk pnh nk trsenyum , nk trsengeh sorg sorg ble bce msg dorg bt wth him , wheeee <3 asik trsengih , trsenyum sorg sorg . haha :D
hum , aftr what had hppend to me , i told myself tht i dun wanna fnd other guy . i hate rltionship , dun wanna get into it . bt when i knw him , he've chnged evrythng <3 dye buat aku caer and trsangkut kt dye :) until 30th august 2010 , dye call and borak borak and sddnly ckp "youu , jom cple ?" i was so shockeddd mse tuu . series trkjottt , tht was the frst tyme i heard his voice . mse knl dye tk pnh confess apa apa lgsg kt aku , aku pon sme . bnde ni sddnly hppen and dye da plan evrythng :) bt i din gve him my answer yet untill tmmorow :) aku pon bru knl dye fr abot 3 weeks ke 2 weeks tah , then da trsangkut :) so i was asking myself , cn i love him like i do to my ex bfre ? i dun wanna hurt him and all stuffs like tht . dye ngamm sgt dgn aku <3 maybe sbb aku dgn dye sme age , fkiran ktorg sme matang , tk lbih tk kurang :)) ktorg byk sgt prsamaan . dye thu mny thngs abot me , once i told him smthng abot myslf , dye akn igt evnthough it wasnt tht penting or what :D dye stil akn igt <3 frst day cple , da mcm 1 year cple , haha . we hvent meet each othr yet , tk jmpe dye lg :) bt coming soon . waiting fr his leg to be okay then trun kl jst to meet me , wheee <3
hm , its true wat my frens told me , i can find sumone else btter . maybe its knda so cepat fr me to move on kn aftr hving a 3 years rltionship bfre . tp , thts the fact . i found him and move on cpt :) bkn sbb i cnt stay frm being single . not at all ! huhhh , watever it is , i found you alredy syg :)) insyaallah , i'll mke you happy more than your ex did , and insyaallah rltion kte akn stay longer . amin ! <3 :)
i love you RAZMAN RAZALI <3

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