Monday, September 6, 2010


haaa :D i never expected tht my life would turned like ths . its so true ! im in love again , fr the 2nd tyme . fr the frst tyme , i tot he is my true love , he is my frst love . i nver loved a guy bfre like i do to him . hes my evrythng ! bt now i knw , actually hes not my true love . i dun even knw the definition of true love . well , im nt tht matured yet when i was wth him . its nt tht im trying to say tht i am matured now , nooo :) i guess i still need to learn more abot all those lifes for . bt ths year , i've learned so mny thngs frm my frst love . when i brke up wth him bfre , i was telling myself tht i cnt leave wthout him and bla bla bla . i was begging him to accpet me bck . seriesly , only god knws how much i love him bfre :') i was trying to stay away frm loving him . im broken heart and i let evryone knws abot it . why am i doing tht way ? huhhh , gyla tk matured kn :) i cnt accpt wat had hppend btween me and him . i promised myself , he will be my last guy ever ! bt wait , look at me now . i've brke my prmised :D i've found a guy and i love him . i nver tot tht i will hve ths kind of feelngs again . loving anther guy ? hahaha ! why am i turning ths way ? day to day , Razman Razali mkes me love him more :) i can see tht he truly loves me . it mkes me laugh when i strt to thnk abot it bck . compare my rlation wth him and wth Razman , it feels so dfferent . aku tk pnh sgke yg atlast ade jgk laki yg mnarik hati aku ni :) aku mula igt nk gve up in life dlu smpai ade sggup trfkir nk bnuh dri . astaghfrllah :') bt look at me now ! Razman took away my heart . eishhh , dye  bwk pgy Ipoh plak tu -.- hahaha ! evnthough we are so far away , Ipoh-KL bt as long as we trust each other , rase nye tk kemana kot rlationship aku dgn dye :D i admit ths is my frst tyme hving rlation wth a guy bfre meeting him , tp thts the fact ! :) dye jaoh frm my eyes , bt i do trust him . aku jaoh frm his eyes and i hope he do trust me too . tgk muka dye , nmpk pns baran :o bt ble knl , haha , dye bkn mcm tu :) thts y people said , dun judge the book by its cover hee <3

HUM , exams is cming soon :/ byk sbjct blum cover lg ni , eishhh , stress ! anyway , msok ptg td , aku da one week dgn dye :D haha , hope aku tk selalai lalai nye la skrg :)) 

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