Saturday, October 30, 2010

berdebar :O

i went insde the mcdonald's building . cari tmpt blkg skali nex to the toilet . and then he txted me he said 'bie da smpai mcd' OMG ! tk thu why sddnly my heart beats faster , bedebar gyla gyla . haha , mybe sbb tht was the frst time dye dtg tmpt aku and lpk dgn aku kt stu :) i tried to look fr him outsde tpi tk nmpk pon , then dduk je la maen maen dgn fon . sddnly cm nmpk ths two guys were walking towards me , ble pandang , omg its him :D heeee , rindu sgt , sumpah rse mcm nk hug trus tpi tpi lek lu lek lu :D hahaha , grab his hand pstu slm and kiss tgn dye :) then ckp hye kt sam . mkn mkn , lpk lpk jap kt dlm tu and ktorg went out , pgy tmn kt ruma lame dye ,  lpk lpk kt tmn tgk bdk bdk maen buai , hahaha . aftr tht at 7 , dye nak blk daaa , uhhhh , time tu mmg rse cm tknk let him go :/ ktorg spend time fr abt 2 hours je :( mmg tk puas , eishhh , hope to see him again cpt cpt aftr ths . i miss you bie <3

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