Wednesday, October 27, 2010

nothing to say here

okay , i had nothng to say here :) just come bck frm school and i feel so tired plus hungry plus sleepy plus hummm , lots of thngs . in the car , mama was asking me abt holidays , and i am so noob tht i dont even knw there is a holidays nex week :O deepavali , ama apa woh :D haha . haaa , feel better aftr i've done my physics exam which i thnk i've answered it like sucks :) frget it , just dont thnk abt it , like bie said , just thnk abt finishng exam , heee <3 left anther 1 day to our annvesary ;) and i cant wait , cant wait , cant cant cant , haha . chill adira , saba saba :) huhhh , fr today , i've promised myself tht i dont wanna hve any enemies . so please fr YOU , stop frm sying bad thngs abt my mouth or even calling me loser :) i just cant stop laughing plus fuck off gyla you've been sying tht . im done wth it and you too , just go ahead wth ur life . nthng i could say here unless hoping you wouldnt say bad thngs like tht again , please :) just ENOUGH .

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