Saturday, November 6, 2010

sales gurl or promoter ?

we walked walked and frst place we found was kid's guess , we went inside and i said "do you need any vacancy?" hooooo :O it was so funny tpi aku brani kn dri jgk :) and they said no and asked us to try pgy forever 21 . bt we didnt . we went somwer else frst then bru pgy forever 21 shop . on tht day , we filled so many forms , smpai hush , tk larat tgn nk menulis lg da -.- we've been walking rse nye the whole OU , wht the hack , more than 20 jobs we get bt suma nye din evn call us until today , wtf kn ? hishh , only forever 21 je call us on tht day . asked us pgy fr the 2nd intrview bt we din , we were scared tgk org tu cm soal siasat org yg nk keje tu , ahha . then we ran away :DD cari cari cari shop yg nk vacancy , atlast dpt la jgk keje kt toys r us and parkson . bt we prefer parkson more cos of the salary :) and the stuation around . nex week on wednesday , ktorg strt jd seorg promoter or sales gurl , haha :D nk tknk , kne lyn karenah customer . ade yg fush , memilih sne sni , ade yg pfftt , tk thu la bt i knw tht i shuld be ready fr tht :) brdikari skit kn ? heee , bju kemeja putih yg ktorg pkai nnti (aireen syamimi and me) rmbt hruslah brsanggul :O it looks cute on both of us :DD HAHAHA . well well ;)

aku tk ada any of bju kemeje putih :O i've tried to find kt tesco , ye la , tknk mhl expensive mhl expensive , pfftt , haha , sbb aku pon keje fr one and the half month je kn ? :) still tk ada , so mmg kne cari jgk kt mne mne bfre ths wdnesday . i do hve my shoes and jgk pants so tkyah nk woried sgt psl tu :) aku bru lps try snggul kn rmbt , hahaha , awwww , tk saba nk start haha eventhough mama said tht i'll feel tired bt who cares , brdikari kn ? heee , frst gaji , mmg da plan nk shopping hbis , ngeee , enjoy ar kn kn ? haha , okay la , da mls nk tulis byk . tulis pon sbb da lme tk updte blog :) eleh , pdhl bru around 3 4 days je , ahhaha , ciaw :D byeee

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