Friday, January 7, 2011


oh my god , i am rly in love with ths one song . i dnt even knw whts the title of the song . frst time i heard it bru tdi , sje la nk bukak artchantique.blogspot pnye blog then ada lagu tu kt blog dye . shit , remind me of sumthng . hmm , its abt kte buat mstkes to sumone and we feel sorry fr it , feel rgret fr it . tht prson tu had done a lot of thngs to us , mkes us smile bt we hve to end all tht . sumpah , you guys should listen to it . tk thu la plak apa tjuk dye , eish , cnt stop frm listening to tht song , its just so sweetttt .  

cos youre mean for me , i cant stop thinking of it . youre the one who make me smile , how can i forget all that . its the hardest thing for me to forget you . you were there to make my day , you were there to guide me through , ill never stop thinking of you , your love will be apart of me , how i wish we will stay forever . 

                                                                                                                                                          i love you razman

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