Saturday, January 15, 2011

hahaha :D laugh laugh

lawak gyla , hahaha , ada org ni ckp love is not like a shit and so on kene appreciate la apa bnde suma kn , hahaha . jap jap , aku nk gelak . hahahahahaha , seriesss ahhhh . brani gyla ckp cmtu . trpkir gak , apa yg dye dok pkir time ckp tu . adoyyy , yahhh , its rly true love is nt like a shit , we shuld apprciate it bt wait , if were saying tht and telling the world abt it tp kte sndri tk try to apprciate it , tu suma cnsder tht love is jst like a shit fr you . jst dnt pretend to act like u knw many thngs abt wht love means . haha , im nt tryng to say tht i do apprciate love too , i knw i wasnt bfre and yet , im stil trying to undrstnd wht love means . maybe you did the sme thng too right now . i was laughing when i read abt it , hahaha .


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