Friday, March 11, 2011

hey , saturday :)

its my mstake fr setting twitter in my fone , evry mnte ada je sumone tweet , haha . waiting fr my mood to get bored of it :) fr now , ntyet lagi la . okay , i just cant wait fr ths monday<3 ngeee , my tummys growling -.- shut , im hungrayyy . adib naufal keep on shouting eventhough i've shutted his mouth , ish . bt hes soooo CUTE fr doing tht , hehehe eventhough its annoying . haaa , still a baby :) 

theres ths one anonymous people asking me why are my blog so simple ? haha , fyi , i jst love simple :) i dnt like too funky , too messy and stuffs . maybe you would think tht i was lazy to change my bckgrnd ryte ? haha , absolutely no :) its nt tht im lazy or wht , bt i dnt wnt my blog to be so messy and um whtsoever ... maybe lter i'll chnge my bckgrnd if i feel like i want to :) 

i am in love wth twtter . i love to tweets and tweets , hehe , anyone got twitter , jgn la segan malu sombong bajet and everythng , just fllow me :) i'll follow you back babeh , heee . i got my tuition tnight and i am so lazy :( maybe yah dulu memang la kn rase so excted and stuffs tpi ni da mcm um hehe , plus i hve to look at HIS face , okie dokie , lazy bumbum . 

my maths paper was sooooo awesomeee . thanks to syakirah arabee and mohd asyraf :) they teach me some questions tht i dnt undrstnd . bt theres some people said it was dfficult ? heitt , im wndering , whch one yg dfficult tu , fr me , theres only abt 2 3 questions je . anyway , maybe they said its dfficult bt actually they can answerd evrythng :)

holi macro , i hate when mama strted to 'bebel' at me . asked me to stdy and whtsoever . its nt tht i dnt want to stdy bt chill la , atleast fr one day i wnna get some rest aftr the whole week of exam . haishhh , bt anyway , i still love you eventhough you're anoyying mama :') i said tht to you like so mny times , and until now i knw you wouldnt blieve me bt only god knws abt my feelngs mama . 

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