Tuesday, June 28, 2011

results ?

mama went to my school with me just now to take my results for mid term exam and yahhhh i admit it , its quite lowwww  =.= this is what i get ...

bahasa melayu 77 A-
bahasa inggeris 69 B+
pendidikan islam 74 A-
sejarah 39 GAGAL 
mathematics 80 A
additional mathematics 67 B+
prinsip perakaunan 54 C
physics 37 GAGAL 
chemistry 44 E

haihhh , mama quite dissapointed :( but pn azizah , my teacher and her bestfriend , told mama "adira boleh buat punya :)" awww :') i hope i cannn . this mid term exam is included dgn whole chapter of form 4 and thats what i get . mama this morning macam taknak pegy but i forced her . i told her earlier about my results thats why she was like 'nak ke taknak pegy' mcamtu . haihhh , i love maths SO MUCH tpi macam dissapointed kenapa add maths bole dpt only b :( physics pun samaaaa . i thought i've studied hard already . mcm tetttt je physics tu . sebab paper one ah ! terok babeng , belas belas over 50 tahuuuuu . sejarah tak payah cakap la kan ? time exam sejarah , i was having add maths exam jugak so macam dhuhhhh FOCUS more on add maths ahhhh . haihhh , over all i am dissapointed with you mid term :') work hard kay kay 

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