Thursday, July 28, 2011

gummies gummies ^^

well , hello people :)
as usual , i went to school with the sleepy face justnow and oh , that is so me :D i had maths and physics test and guess what ?! i think i fail my phy HAHAHA . okay bodo -.- da thu fail bole lagi nak gelak besar apahal ? adiraa adiraa , sigh ...
suddenly i was thinking about gummies . oh dear , I SWEAR I WANT GUMMIES now :( i went to jasema and i saw gummies there but for one slice of gummies cost 50 sens . bodo kan ? its in a packet , mmg padan la . haihhh , so i bought 2 packets meaning 2 slices of gummies :) and the counter man gave me discount haha cos maybe he knows im salina's daughter , cewahhh :D mama used to buy things there so macam dikenali by all of them . and besides , mama's ofice just next to jasema . haa , 2 slices of gummies pun cukup la :') better than nothing kan kan ? cant wait to eat it , hehe .

anyway , i bought this justnow tpi yang ada byk packet inside . one packet ada 1 slice . yg ats ni besar sgt packet dye haha , tdi tkda jual dekat jasema , habis maybe . no stocks :( this is the gummies that i used to buy :D dekat packet tu cakap sour power tpi bila beli dekat yang gram punya tulis gummies , i used to buy the gram one . so the easiest way baek gummies terus kan ? haha , its fucking sour and i love ittttttttttttttttttttttt . eeee rasa macam puas gila dapat makan ni , dont want anything else dah , SERIES D; kalau dapat for 1kg punya ke kan , shooottttt , IM GOING TO EAT IT NON STOPPPPPP , nyumy nyumy ^^

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