Saturday, December 24, 2011

he's the sweetest ever :')

so yes , those messages , it was from him :') i love you sayang <3 you know that i do and i know that you do , love you sooo damn effing much ! wherever you go , i'll follow you , till you ask me to stop following you and it's the same thing too for you kan baby ? soo senang cerita , nobody's gonna leave each other then :'D 15 months with you already baby , 1 year and 3 months , coming soon , another 5 days to 16 months :D me feeling much happy and and the happiest moment is knowing that i am your first girl :D hehe i love you , FOR REAL ! 

let me tell you this , i'm a bitch sometimes . i used to scold him , always ! but he did nothing . i mean like , he didn't even try to scold me back . mcm somes , mesti nak menangggg je kan ? but to be honest , he's not like that :') he'll be like , okay i'm sorry cayang . and again , he'll go with his sweetest text ever and it makes me can't even get mad at him , it's stupid kan ? but sweet :D sometimes , i did try to let him go and i wanted to see either he'll come back to me again or not butttt tak jadi :( all my plans , he ruined it -.- he'll cry and try to pujuk me and stuffs and yah , you know what does that mean ? tak jadi laaa nak seperate . seriously , we can't even atleast seperate for one day . pernah once , i asked him not to text or call me for one day atleast , i just want him to feel how's life without me and haha tak tahannnn okayyy . can not go ;D 
when he scold me , i'll try my best to make him think that i'm so innocent :p sometimes laaa haha . i'll be like "asal ha apa ha oh ha okay ha" and blablabla haha , mcm melawan ah , i'm so bad and i know it :'( 

the end .. 

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