Friday, March 23, 2012


hello :) *wave my hands*

the day before yesterday which means , on wednesday (21st march) dah mula la sebarkan ticket masuk ke university . so here , im gonna tell you about the results i got :') it suprised me somehow sbb dapat results like that . i mean like , i wasn't that confident at all taw . i thought i akan hanya dapat atleast mcm 2 to 3 a's but happy to say that i got more than that TAPI not straight a's obviously , i am not that smart to score all a's :') well , result i dapat tu bukan la kebanggaan semua even to my parents sbb i atleast need more than that utk dpt biasiswa in any university but too bad , takat tu je i mampu . i studied hard and maybe tak se-hard those people yg dapat 9 a's or more :') tapi whatever it is , i bersyukur la jugak . atleast , mama tk kecewa , that is the most important thing . sebelum tggu result , i only pray utk dpt result yg takkan buat mama kecewa and i think i just did :') maybe ada sikit kot mama mcm terkilan cause i tak dpt score all a's , im sorry for everything mama . i've already tried my best and maybe takat ni rezeki i kan ? hm , so congrats to those yg dapat good results , straight a's ESPECIALLY . you guys are so lucky ! if i were you , haihh tah la , sujud syukur banyak banyak :') so for those yg tak dpt many a's , JUST tk dpt many a's , doesnt mean your results are bad . it's not about how many a's we got actually , its all abt how are we going to be success in the future . without any a's in our spm , masih boleh lagi kita nk success . just need to work more harder than before insyaallah everything will be fine :') jangan putus asa , jangan cepat mengalah . it's not the end of our life pun if tak dapat many a's . sometimes , org dapat many a's ni pun jobless terus bila dah habis study , so like , no point you know . org yang gagal pun boleh kerja bagus and all :) 

so here's the course yang i layak . i mean , the results i got tu yang layak ambik and yg i MACAM suka plus tgh confused which course should i go for :/

*mechanical engineering
*bank management
*science IT 

sad to say that , pharmacy i tak dapat :') naah it's okay .. 

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Anonymous said...

semoge dpt pkir gn mudah ;)