Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Happy 21st Month Anniversary 

i'm in love . with you baby :* and you should know how i really feel towards you . i'm scared of losing you . i guess that's normal in a relationship . scared to lose each other kan . but seriously , deep inside my heart , i really do scared of losing you . i am seriously tired of facing the same thing with another guy . i only want to be with you . we've been together for almost 2 years , in another 3 months . our distance seperates us , we didn't see each other for every day or every week . it was such a sad moment . but yet , we're still here falling in love with each other . boo to the distance .. 

i would like to wish HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY to you too sayang :* see the date ? you've planned it :) thank you for everything baby and may Allah bless you always sayang . take care of your health , study hard , remember me , your princess , always :* 

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