Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Boring moment , second day of class

second day of class = lazy me + busuk me 

i have 31 students in my class including me and guess what , there's only 6 girls out of 31 students , including me yahh . how scary is that ? T.T 

mechanical engineering (mechy) , as a girl , ada banyak challenges . such as :

* more guys than girls . itu pun , dah bersyukur cause at least , i still have my 5 girl friends in the class . 
* things we usually have to do , macam welding and so on . imagine me , a girl , or any girl la kan buat welding and stuffs .. 
* main dengan oil and other liquid things yang kotor . 

more than one , banyak la tu kan kan . okay so now , i'm gonna tell you what i actually wanna be . i used to keep this ambition since i was in primary school lagi , that is , DOCTOR . scary tak dengar ? dari doctor , terus ke engineer , mechanical lagi tu . well , Allah dah tentukan nasib kita kan . sejauh mana kita simpan ambition kita tu , kalau dah nasib jadi lain , jadi la lain :) but insyaallah , tak dapat jadi doctor , dapat gelaran doctor pun jadi la , insyaallah . 

i'm the type of person yang geli geli dengan those things yang kotor kotor ni . i don't know why did i choose mechanical engineering before . no one believes that i can do stuffs dirty like that . i took it as a challenge . i know i'm a big girl and being independent is what i need to do now *semangat* . 


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insyaallah you will =) anyway, nice pic =D

adira said...

thank you :)

Anonymous said...

So beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Bila you wink tu..... *BRB, CAIR KEJAP*

adira said...

haha aww thank youuu :)