Wednesday, March 6, 2013


it's funny how i really hate being in shah alam now . i used to love shah alam so much sampai rasa taknak balik rumah at all . for some particular reasons , i have nothing in shah alam anymore . it used to be the happiness of my life and now , it's getting worst that i don't feel like staying here any longer . yes exactly , i went out anytime i wanted to and no one would halang me like when i'm at damansara , mom wouldn't let me to . but now , i don't mind all that because like i said , i have nothing in shah alam other than going to poli for class and study till i finish my diploma . even when yes , i have nothing to do when i'm at home with my family , but i don't care . i feel much better with my own room , being alone in the room . or i can go watch tv anytime i want . and i can go eat mama's foods pahtu i have my own comfortable bed and my messy wardrobe . how pathetic can i be ha ha ha .

when people say "your life is getting better ha" whathefuck mayn you don't even know how i feel i mean you have no rights to judge my life without knowing the things i feel inside . even i think that i can never be happy again . how can you say that my life is getting better ? just shut up . we don't know each other that well . i am really confused with the things i feel . i don't know what i want , too confused . mixed feelings and i hate it like real hate . 

astaghfirullahalazim . 

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Anonymous said...

your beautiful n you don't deserve any heart broken trust me =)