Thursday, August 26, 2010

last night

last night , i slept around , err almost 12 la :) i was sooo tiredd plus sleepy . aftr brbuka , i had nthng to do , so i was jst baring baring and txting txting :) maxis line ystrday was rtrded and cacated , grrr ! jeles dgn aku and razman , -.- pfffttt . txting dgn ezani tkda pon mcm tu , chishhh -.- 

mama ajak pgy hspital cos nk tgk baby baru acikkkk :D bt bt , at nght , tk bole vsit ramai ramai kt hspital tuu . soo , tk jd la pgy :) or else sapa nk jge heroe ku adib naufal yg tgh tdo snce mghrib :D haha , then , acik sent fatin his new baby pnye pic :) OMG ! muka dye smgt gylaaaa :O tmbm gylaaa ! hushhh , hahaha . comel plak tuuu :DD rindu nk adib naufal tyme baby blk , now he's 10 mnths olredy , naughtyy , suka nk nangiss , grrr -.- tyme baby dlu , thu nk mnum susu je , skrg nk mknnn byk byk , haha . tyme baby dlu , nangis pon sore kcikk je , skrg nangis sore stu bgunan bole dgr . haha , tp tkpe la , baby , you are still my heroe ever ! :DD heee 

i was lazy to open my book lst nght , so , i din even touch any book lgsg :) watching tv , baring baring and txting . while i wnna go to sleep , my mind sddnly thnkng abot him :/ why ha ? i stopd my mind frm thnking abot him by lstening to my mp3 :') hurt song by christina aguilera *nt sure the spelling* was heard :') my tears sddnly je trun , bt i was smiling :') its true wat people said , the hardest thing to do is watch the one you love , love sumone else :)

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