Friday, August 27, 2010

scandalisme :)

                                         stick to the one

 apa itu scandal actualy ? hum , bkn cple , did not declair anythng tp da out tgther , holding hands and all stuffs . evrytyme txting pon , pggl syg syg and suma la -.- knpe tk cple je trus ? knpe prlu ade scndal ? apa sbb sumone tu nk jd scndal je ? sme people rse if cple , dorg kne stick to the one only , bt sme people rse , if scndal they can get into anyone :) susah dibuat org kalo cple ade byk , bt sng dibuat org kalo scndal ade blambak , haha . yg plek nye , cmna dorg cover evrythng tu ? -.- tkkn tk kantoi ke apa ke , haaa :) tp , as a gurl , tk rse ke mcm murah kalo ade byk scndal and out pgg tgn suma tu -.- unless kalo scndal tp only in fone ke , on9 ke , tkpe la . ni tk , ajk jmpe , trus da buat suma yg cple buat pdhl blum declair anythng . eeewww , stick to the one la weyh :) dun play guys heart or else , kau kne blk kay ? :) eh eh , guys pon sme jgk ah ! grrr , hving feelngs to evryone , mcm hot sgt nk ade scndal kliling pggng -.- yg guys tu , kalo da dgelar plyboy , mmg plyboy habis ar . susah nk chnge unless kalo dye dpt gurl yg bole chnge kn dye :) two is btter than one , ish , so wrgggg la ayt tu . haha , now a days , org ckp , 10 is btter than one , oh its trueeee . they cnt live wthout being playerr :D hahaa , ksiann . tk smpt blaja mcm mne nk stick to the one :) blaja tggi tggi tp tk pndai suma ni mmg bngap la . kte hdup kne balance , try la stick to the one we love :) that is better .

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