Sunday, August 22, 2010

stop it ! :')

                  hmm :( 12.00 am . i was looking at my fone , i was waiting fr smthng . bt what was it ? :( i dunnoe why am i waitng fr it , its jst bullshit . i noe i wont get it so i told myslef , "adira , why do you have to wait fr it ? you are wasting your tyme do you noe tht !" :'( and my tears strted to fell down . again and again and again and again :') you hurt me ! i was wndering , do you rmmber tht it was my birthday today ? hmm , do you ever wished me through ur heart ? hmm , maybe no :'( i've been wasting my tears , my tyme fr thnking and wndering abot it . i wiped my tears and smiled :)

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