Tuesday, October 19, 2010

he had such a quiet eyes ,
she did not realise ,
they were two pools of lies ,
layered with thinnest ice ,
to her , those quiet eyes ,
were breathing desolate sighs ,
imploring her to be nice ,
and to render him paradise .
if only she'd been wise ,
and had listened to the advice ,
with pleasure-seeking guys ,
she'd be free from ''the hows and whys'' .
now here's a bit of advice ,
be sure that nice really means nice ,
then you'll never be losing at dice ,
though you may lose your heart once or twice .

the game of love is being compared with a game of dice . at the beginning , you will not know what you will get . if you play the game well , then you will win the game eventhough you may loose it now and then :)

haaaa , sedap kn sedap kn ? ;) hehe , oh god , thanks fr my literature ! i know i didnt even read one of the short stories or the poetries last night because of my fever , my flu , my cough and many more :/ when i came to school this morning then only i started to read the short stories and also the poetries . so lucky that i still ingat ingat my last exams :D haha , well then , hee , i was sleeping in the class just now . i've finished my essays earlier than any other peoples so i had nothing to do . i was sitting and i tried to sleep but i cant , huhhh . then a while , i looked at my watch . another 50 minutes :/ OMG ! i cant stand for that long time . so i forced my eyes to sleep . and haaa , i did ;) i put my head and my hands on the table . i dont even care how would my face looks like , haha . when i woke up , i looked at my watch again and left another 20 minutes like that . shit ! still a long time to wait . so i put my head and my hands on the table again , but this time i covered my face with the paper . maybe that im scared people would 'ushaing' me outside :D hahaha . english paper , i've done my best on you , so i hope i will get atleast 75 above :) please !

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