Wednesday, October 13, 2010

karma ? hmm , betol ke karma tu wujud ? some people ckp , it does wjud tp some ckp kpercayaan karut je tu . haa , bt byk da org kne karma . the meaning of karma ? if kte buat jht to smbody , kte akn kne blk . lmbt or cpt kte akn kne jgk . haa , why am i thnking abot ths ? mybe sbb my hstory , wht ever had hppend to me bfre , sddnly bkk blk the same story . oh god , knpa tyme tyme skrg jgk jd mcm ni ? aku ksian ? yes i do ! tp at the same tme , padan muka ! bt i dun wanna hate it too much . i knw i shuldnt bt im rely happy to hear wht had hppned . so bad right ? :/ uhh , im sory . i opn ur pge and i read evrythng , your status and lots of stuffs and also comments . i jst wndering , you were sying tht you'll be happy wthout the one tht always mking shit to you kn ? bt are you feeling happy now ? maybe evrythng wht hppend theres a reason so i jst wnnna say thank you for gving me chnces to choose whats the best for me . now tht i knw , i am choosing the best fr me and its him i've found ! maybe if it doesnt hppen to me , we'll stay longer and i'll get hurt all the time . ohhhh , thank youuu :) whtver it is , karma still karma , org buat taik , kne blk , cepat atau lmbt :))


Meme Muhamad said...
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adira said...

hee :)