Wednesday, October 13, 2010


12th october 2010 , 3.44pm
i'll never ask her to go frm me , i always need her in my life :') i need you baby !
13th october 2010 , 2.40pm
as long as you wth me , i will make you happy cyg , i promise tht :) dont leave me kayyy

uhhh , baby , you buat i jd tk betol ! haha :D i love you so much bieee . smlm , you buat my tears felt down sbb i nvr thought tht i wuld be happy bck and ade jgk guys yg akn said the sme thng to me and its you , i terharu sgt :') i hope you mmg ikhlas fr saying all tht :) i jst cnt blieve , razman ? you cn said all tht while your face nmpk garanggg sgt bie , haha :D bkn those words je you ckp , byk lg yg sweet :)) tp ni yg latest . hee , you suka i wrte so mny thngs abot you kn ? and i did ! hee , i hope you do stay wth your promises . jst dun try to frgt and lose it bie bcause you knw it gnna hurt me kn . im trying myself to gve whts the best for us . im nt gnna let the chnces infrnt of me go jst like tht , you're the best part of my life now and i really do appreciate it so much sayang <3 whtever gnna hppen , we gnna face it tgther and nver gnna miss one of it . you are like the RAINBOW tht always making my life so colourful and wonderful day to day , uhhh , i cant frgt it baby , i miss you so fucking much !

you are my heroe ,
my only heroe ,
you make me happy ,
with skies are grey ,
you never know dear ,
how much i love you ,
so please dont take my heroe go away :) <3

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