Thursday, November 18, 2010

:) dear

 baby you showed me what livin is for
i dont want to hide anymore
i love you as long as you love me too 
my love will never gone unless you ask me to
you make me crazier 
oh yes baby you did

my rainbow is just you and nothing could ever change 
you've made my life so wonderful like the rainbow did to the world after the rain had gone
and you've made my life so colourful too with those colours in the rainbow 
im feeling so happy by your side 
nothing could ever change
i never had a chance before 
and now im not gonna let the chances infront of me run away 
yes yes , you make me crazier 
im gonna blame all this on you because you , your heart and yourself make me crazier <3
dear razman razali :) 

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