Sunday, November 21, 2010

i wished this

i open my eyes , and i see you . i see you right infront of me . you give me a kiss at my cheek . you wish me morning , you hug me from my back and you say "i love you baby" i wished all tht bie :/ 
i cry cry cry , i cant stop from crying and you come near me . you sit next to me , you ask me to put my head on your shoulder . you wipe my tears using your finger . you hug me , you sing me a song , you make me laugh . you stand up and you lend me your hand . i hold your hand and i stand up too . we're dancing all day night under the moon . i wished this too bie :/
i am so happy knowing that you are mine . knowing that you love me more than anything else razman :) 

i miss you so fucking much <3


Anonymous said...

awwwww , thats so sweet <3 ^^

adira said...

heeee , jst tulis apa yg i tgh pkir :D haha