Sunday, April 10, 2011

i love you bcos you are my only MOTHER in this world :'(

i dnt knw wht is my wrg to you , i dnt wnna be rude , i dnt wnna be the person you hate . i gave evrythng tht you wnt me to do bt maybe somes only . i gave you the best result i can , i've worked so hard , i studied all night bcos of you , bcos i dnt wnna make you dssapointed of me . eventhough youre kinda annoying smtimes , you dnt care abt me sometimes , you only thnk about yourself smetimes , about your tired sometimes , bt i dnt mind . even yah , im hurt here bt as long as i dnt hurt you i thnk its enough . i jst wnt you to see wht hve i done to you , evrythng i did , i thnk of you , you dnt knw tht . maybe fr you , i dnt love you , i dnt wnna see you happy bt tht was wrong ! :'(

i love you bcos you are my ONLY MOTHER in this world :'( 

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