Friday, November 11, 2011

good luck every one :)

2 days left .. 

OMG , i think that i just entered the school this year , i cant believe that im going to leave school as soon as this . TO BE HONEST , yes , i am going to miss school . many things happend to me in that place . place where i've learned the meaning of physics , chemistry , add math , accounts and so on :) place where i've made both of my parents proud of me . without school , i know i couldn't go till this far . schools , where i studied the meaning of true friends , how to respect people and so on . im gonna miss the foods in canteen , umi's one is the best :( im gonna miss the teachers , they have taught me lots of things . the surrounding :( class , hall , stage , surau .. no toilet , cause toilet is so smelly D: "malang tidak berbau tetapi toilet sangat berbau" HAHA okayyyy .. physics lab , im gonna miss those chairs there that always made me want to sleep haha . chemistry lab , hm the sink maybe ? hehe , so cold laaa the water . while listening to cik lee , i played with the water :p hikhik okay , enough :) 

anything , GUYS , do pray for me please :) for those yang ambik spm , heyyo , its this MONDAYYY OMG MONDAYYYY . GOOD LUCK :) and all the best . on this 11.11.11 , i wish to have a better result , a good one , yang membanggakan , yang buat aku nangis terlompat lompat macam pmr dulu :') much happy <3 

adirarara <3 

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