Tuesday, December 20, 2011

randommmmmmm D;

why must we care about what people said ? okay , the thing is , they didn't even know a thing about us :) people can only judge us if they know us very well like our family , our closest friends . but nowadays , people simply judge us , even we never know them . wanna know the reason why ? it's because of the way we treat them sometimes . in fb , if there's someone IM us , we don't have the mood to reply sometimes , especially girls :) bukan sombong or what . just that , hey , i don't know you and i'm lazy sometimes . tapi somes of them will straight forward saying that "ee sombong ah" and whatsoever . dude , not trying to be sombong or whatever else but just that , i'm lazy :) haaa cam gini la , simply judge us .. ada jugak yg judge us by reading our facebook statuses or our tweets . sometimes , ada org yg suka sgt tweet or update status about their lifes , and org yg baca apa lagi ? judge that judge this . tu la manusia :) tapi sometimes , manusia pun tak lari from doing mistakes , so we can change . the point is , ignore what people said or what they're going to say about us . you know you're not like that and why must you care ? :)

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