Sunday, December 18, 2011

tak salah and never be wrong :)

siapa kata ex tak boleh berkawan baik ? diorang pun human jgk , so ? whats the point of having those feelings yg ish , she's my boyfriend's ex . i shouldnt be friend with her . dudeeee , im not that type of person :) im friendly with everyone except for those yg buat taik tu la . memang la sometimes jealous tu ada kan ? to be honest , mesti jealous kot kot boyfriend kita TERsayang balik ke :) or kot kot dalam diam diam boyfriend kita ada compare kan kita dgn dia ke :) naah , jgn pikir negative .. we have to know that between them mmg tak ada apa and its nothing for us to be worry about . lagi lagi if kita tahu yg boyfriend kita tu sayang sgt sgt dekat kita kan ? past is past . kita pun used to have a boyfriend dulu and dah jadi ex kita pun kan ? its just the same :) mmg la its kinda weird kita dgn dia boleh jadi kawan , lagi weird kalau jadi kawan rapat . but hey , dalam kamus or anything laa takda pun kan tulis 'EX CAN NEVER BE FRIEND WITH EACH OTHER'  ada ke ? no right ? so i think tak salah kot . what people trying to say , just ignore that . its non of their business to tell you that you shouldnt be friend with that with this . kalau boleh , kita lagi nak ada banyak kawan kan ? so , kawan la with anyone you want :) 

to qudryna , 
im happy that we can share secrets . im happy that we're a gossip girl haha :)

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