Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sad songs are my favourite songs 

i lay on my bed and thinking of what i did that hurt you so much . why does everything i do seems to be wrong . it's like i shouldn't live in this world if the only thing i know is to hurt someone i really love . we were so happy until at one point , out of nowhere , i said things or did things that hurt you . i am so and so dissapointed with my own self . i'm sorry i love you so much 

i listen to every song that suits the situation i'm in . because that's the only way for me to be happy again . at some point , i feel like i don't need anyone to make me happy . because in the end , i am the one who is going to get hurt for things i do . my own fault and i deserve every single shit in this world . but sometimes i wonder , if not anyone , then who else who is going to make me happy ? myself ? aha i've destroyed my own self . i've been keeping too much feelings in it and it's enough . i've ruined everything ! i'm just going to stay cool , wait till the moment to come and hoping that tears won't fall as much as it falls now . 

sad songs are my favourite songs because most of it really understand the things i'm going through .  and automatically , i feel happy , a little . 

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