Saturday, December 29, 2012


Say goodbye to 2012 

two more days till 2013 . feeling sad ? yes . because i'm old T.T and 2012 has become to an end . there are just a lot of memories in 2012 . besides that , i haven't prepared anything yet . i know that i have to change . i'm turning 19 and things are going to change . it's either to the better ones or to the bad ones .

ya Allah , give me more strength to face and go through every hard situation in next year . ya Allah , i wish for more happiness with the ones i loved . no more hurting them , no more putting them in shits . just no more . adira is really have to change . change to be better , not to be the worst person ever . 

i will focus more on my studies since the subjects are getting tougher each semester . i will make my parents proud because that's what they want . i will make him happy and not to repeat the same mistakes because i do not ever want to see him sad again . 

so here i am 2013 , i can't wait to see you and Insyaallah everything's going to be just fine . no more tears , no more heartbreaks , no more repeating mistakes . just no more in every single shit :) 

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