Sunday, April 14, 2013

You know who you are

so i found this while scrolling my timeline in facebook. and fyi, this is our very first conversation and this is also how we started to know each other. he knew i was depressed on that time because knowing that my ex cheated on me, so he came and lighted up my world. well, we've been through a lot of things together since i was in form 4. which means, we have been through a lot of things together for 2 years. though it wasn't that long cause i have once been in a relationship for 4 years but oh well, there were a lot of things to remember. how funny that i still remember our first date which the day where i met his sister and him with his tongkat. and the first movie we watched was step up 3D. he came to kl all way long form his place just to see me. couldn't explain how happy i was during that time. we met in facebook, we knew each other in facebook. i never met him before and people were like "you knew him in facebook and you guys never seen each other in real life before and you trust him?" my friends were like this and that when they knew i was going to accept him in my life. the best part was, he never confessed anything to me and with a surprise, he called and asked to be apart of his life. how stupid but cute. so that is how we started our relationship. 

we've planned for the future. we gave the name for our future child (which all the name will have a combination of our names) we promised to go through everything together. and he even knew i would do something bad to myself so for 2 years we've been through together, he tried so hard not to hurt me, not to make me stress. all those fights we had, it was from me. ada je something that i didn't like about him. but seriously, he had a very low ego. it was always him who said sorry. he didn't even talk to any girls just wanted me to know he wasn't like my ex. seriously, he was the type of guy you would never regret being with cause he was just too nice. though he also had his own weaknesses but i can say here that you wouldn't mind with all his weaknesses because it wasn't that serious. 

we once been through the hardship of finding work together. we went here and there, walked all over the kl just to find a job cause we were jobless during that time and we realized that we need money. so we took all the risks looking for a vacancy anywhere in kl. 

mama always told me that he was such a nice guy. though knowing that i lied a lot once just because of him, i told her i went to work but i actually went out with him, i told her i sleptover at my manager's house but i actually went for a holiday with him, i told her i went out with my friends near kl but i actually went to genting with him and behind all that, mama knew but she didn't even try to scold me cause she trusted him. and that's also the reason why she didn't mind of me working together with him in kl (which quite far from my house). 

mama : are you happy that you have lost him now? (the question she asked me yesterday) 

now, i can only keep all the memories of us. i admit, i still do have feelings towards him though it's not that much cause someone has took away my feelings more than he does but, i will never forget him. he was once the best part of me. though i have lost him now but he will always be apart of my memory. 

he's having his new life now with a new girl and i'm glad to know that he's happy. if i had a chance, i wouldn't let him to give me hope like i should have wait for him cause i realize that it was all bullshit. i hope that the new girl will take a good care of him and won't ever hurt him like i did cause he was too nice. he might be missing his attention to you but he will never forget about you, that is just him. no matter how mad he is, he will never try to raise his voice to you apatah lagi to touch you, he will never, that is just him. just please, take a good care of him cause he was the one who brighten up the darkness of my life with lights before. 


Anonymous said... btol dye tuh oke...break bkn the right way to solve the problem....ryte?u know who I am...;p

Anonymous said...

Ble kte rase ssuatu prkre tuh mndtgkn kbaikan utk kte..kte jan tnggl prkre tuh law bleyh mmudaratkn,law sseorg tuh kte ykin utk kte..not break the ryte way n to solve that prob..okeyh?u know who I am...;)