Monday, June 17, 2013

"are you still not over him?"

people been asking me this "are you still not over him?" even most of the times, i asked my self the same question. and i'm proud to say this, not even a single day i think about being weak. all i ever wanted was being strong, happy like the others. do you know how hurt it is to see the real smile of others? and i was wondering, when will i ever get the happiness like the others. i knew it takes time. even for how long, i knew time does heal the pain in me. because here i am, i'm proud to say i am no longer the girl who used to cry all night for such stupid things and been wasting my valuable tears for those who doesn't even worth it. i am no longer the girl who's in misery, thinking about the guy that made her suffer till the end of the day. i am no longer the girl who would fcking cry and cry and cry when looking at all the old pictures, old conversations.

and this girl, she's enjoying her life better than before. i am too aware of everything now that i even wanted my self to distance from people out there. but there's this one boy, changed her. he made her feel that she needs someone in her life. till she think that she should let the boy to enter her life one last time, only one last time, one last chance. cause she's too tired of everything around her but she couldn't stop her heart from falling into this boy that he made her feel so special. no no, too special. but apart of it, i am still me that won't ever believe someone that easy anymore. i take things easy. as easy as i won't get my self into the world of pain anymore. i've learned so much. i do not want to hurt others or being hurt by others. i need to keep this in me till forever. cause obviously, i have learned so many things through my past. but whatever it is, people change, memories gonna stay.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see you're moving on

Anonymous said...

hope the guy you love now will never hurt you,u're a nice girl yknow :)