Friday, November 4, 2016

first day after 4 years

i know i left with no good words, i know i left with anger in the heart. i never wanted to be that way when i was supposed to make it better. i told i never give up, i told that i still wanna fight after all those tears left me hanging, i told that i'm gonna chase you back til the end if ever i'm losing us one day. but that first day has come.. i never wanted to make any decision without thinking of what's gonna happen in the future. i screwed things up i guess, i wasn't enough in your eyes. & i tried to be the person you craved for but, i wasn't enough in your eyes after all.. you were all that i wanted, i put away all your flaws & i see all the good in you. but you weren't doing the same as what i did, you see my flaws & you find it hard to accept.. 

it begins with flaws & weaknesses. i accept yours but you don't do the same. i'm letting us go, & i have no idea if this is good.. but someday, if you change & you're looking for me, i will always be here. not saying that i'm gonna wait but i'm saying you have the good in you & i know you deserve another chance. 

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