Friday, July 29, 2016

questions by questions

where are you? where have you been? where were you when i needed you the most? what were you doing when i was in my difficult time? where's the question of "how you're doing today? are you ok?"? you're not here you're not everywhere & if you're really here i don't feel the presence. who should i count to? where's the promises to stay through thick & thin? where's the words saying that you'll be the star to always shine my day? what happen to your "i'll be your guidance"? you left me here you left me everywhere & you left me speechless i couldn't ask for anything else i felt like i wasn't fit in that. why are you making me feel this way when you're supposed to be the person to make me feel secure? you've turned your self around from being a protector, from being my clown. 

i'm all by myself hiding everything in, letting it all out during my sujood & pretending i'm ok just so people think i'm really fine. 

just to fit in the situation, you'll never know what's happening, you'll pretend you're doing everything right & then behind, you're hurting a girl you thought you would never hurt.. 

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