Saturday, April 25, 2015

trust issues i'm fine

trust issues? nah it will never be a problem to me 👌🏻 not just yet. why? bcs i am the type of person you people will never understand. i know some things are just not right in my eyes, some things has changed into something i was afraid to happen but no matter how far it gets, my patience has no limit which i'd rather be in silent mode than to perbesar kan things (walaupun it seems like a big problem) i've been in a situation where people lie to me & i stay silent so let the almighty do His job to finally make me realize its better to leave than to stay with liars. to be honest, it is the most pathetic feeling you will ever feel (gila ko tak meroyan bila kena tipu) but, istighfar. believe in what your heart says, lama lama penat Allah tunjuk juga jalan keluar buka kan juga mata tu but remember to always stay patient bcs good things come as long as you wait

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