Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Better things are worth to wait

Ever heard of "as long as you wait, your life will be promised to get better days at the end"? alhamdulillah, after a year been trying so hard to distance myself from falling in love so hard, from being too attached so hard to people, better days come along with the effort i've put. i am not saying that i'm having a great life now but as you can see, i am grateful for things happened to me for these past few months. for all the bad things that make me become stronger than i've ever been, for all the good things that make me realize i have so many reasons to be happy and i deserve it. i pray that whatever comes wrong, keep that away from me. i pray that if i'm going to lose my precious thing once again, make me stronger bcs i've been through a lot in my 20 years. and i pray, if he's the one, make us stay. because, because it's hard and i'm tired.

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