Saturday, June 21, 2014

Type of guys she met

And since i've been through a lot, in a lot of ways and i've learned a lot too, i realized some type of guys in the world.   
There are type of guys where he loves to look at you in class or in anywhere when he sees you but yet, he's afraid to approach you. Second, type of guys where he's willing to sacrifice his own self just for you. Next, type of guys where he don't talk much and all he wants is to listen to you. Fourth, type of guys where he loves to make cards for you on your anniversary, he creates a signature of your name combine with his name, he teaches you to be smart in exam, he gets jealous a lot but you can't get jealous of him of what he's doing, he controls you but you can't do anything to him, he gives you the most beautiful plan for the future and then go have another girl in between that plan. Fifth, type of guys where you meet him in facebook or any social network and you guys get close to each other fall in love for more than a year, he's willing to come all the way from a far place just to see you, he never ever try to berkasar with you either with a voice or anything even when you've done wrong to him that cannot be forgiven, he gives you the hope you think you can be with him back but it's all bullshit at the end. Next, type of guys where he leaves a girl just for you, he's really an overly attached boyfriend that no one can get closer to you, he checks every single detail in your phone including old pictures and calls, any received call or dialed with an unknown number, he's gonna call that number asking who it is, you can't do any simple wrong thing bcs he's gonna start mad and baran all over you. Behind that, type of guys where you easily fall for bcs of his beautiful words, gives you the most beautiful hopes, rarely check your phone it's either bcs he trust you or he actually don't care abt you, very manja, but he can't get over a girl he loves before you, and leaves at the end of the day. Lastly, type of guys where he says he loves you and the same time he loves other girls and takes care of them, he gives you very a very high hopes to be with him and when you're ready for that he leaves as if you mean nothing to him, he do every single inspections towards your phone even when you have absolutely no relation with him, he will start with his acah acah baran and merajuk when he don't like the things you do, he compares you with another girl, at the end he leaves you for another girl when you already tried harder to accept all his weaknesses. 
These type of guys seem to haunting my life forever that i'm afraid of what type of husband i'll get in the future. 

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