Tuesday, November 12, 2013

waiting and keep waiting

waiting? and i'm asking myself, do i like waiting? i mean, can i wait? do i have enough patience of waiting for someone or something that i don't really sure if it's gonna be mine or not? honestly, i know nothing. i mean, i know nothing about what i want. about if i'm able to wait. obviously nobody like's waiting. it's like, when you wait, the other person seems to not care at all about your feelings and they don't seems to appreciate you. do you get what i mean now? tell me, who the hell in this world likes waiting? especially to the things we know we won't ever get. in the end, we're all gonna get hurt.
but.. that's what most people are doing right now. like me, example. waiting for something that i know i won't get, it hurts. but i don't wanna stop knowing that myself is a type of person who gives up that easy. at least i tried. i tried to wait and pretend like nothing hurts me. well that sucks. i know my friends will tell me to stop waiting but what can i do? it's the only thing for me to actually realize that i don't give up so easy.
you know, putting effort is important. if the other person is smart enough, they'll see what you did back there. if they don't, then obviously they're totally a douchebag and forever will be.

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