Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a dream that changes everything

waking up feeling so empty, have you ever thought of that? how would you feel when everything you have just gone? so here i am, wanting to share some stories.
i have a friend, which is, she's my bestfriend since i was in standard 6. well yes, you can see how close we are. but, we rarely see or even contact with each other. what makes us still calling each other a bestfriend is that, whenever we meet, we still treat each other like we were in primary school before and it amazed me that we didn't feel any awkward-ness though it has been a year we didn't see each other.
so last two weeks, i went to see her. because i was feeling so sad and depressed and besides, she asked me what happened to me. reading all my tweets made her ask me that. so i just thought that maybe if i could share it with her, i wouldn't be as sad as i was before. and so we slept late that night, too many things to be talked and to be shared.
somehow, it was kinda surprise with the things she told me. honestly, i've known her since primary and i know who she is, what she is like and i still can't believe that she has changed a lot. from not wearing hijab to wearing hijab. and now, her hijab gets longer till it covers up the upper part. still remember the first time we went out before, we were talking about boys, about dating about love about wearing mini short skirts or a dress. but now, i realize that people change. she told me story about her. how she started to wear hijab and purdah. how did she change to be so muslimah than she was before.
so here it is, she got a dream. a dream that changed her. she dreamt about the world. she said she saw what happened to the world right before kiamat happens. and it scares me a lot. even now. so obviously, when you wake up having that kind of dream, all you think about is, to change to be better. get yourself into Islam more, learn about Islam. so this is what she's doing. she did solat taubat nasuha this one day. and a few days after, she got a bad news telling that she's sick. now my bestfriend i've known since primary, is having cancer. besar nya kuasa Allah. so i was surprised. but she's so lucky, that she realizes all that right before anything happen. she's really a strong girl. i've heard it from her, how she suffered and all. but i know she's a strong girl so she manage to go through everything, insyaAllah.
now i can see that, someone out there is having a hard time more than i do. i gotta be strong, i gotta stay strong with things happened around me now and have faith. let Allah do His job. ada jodoh, ada lah. takda jodoh, takda lah. and what goes around, comes around. always.

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